Steven Simon: family & friends react to the shooting of 22-year-old pastor during road rage incident

 The news of the road rage incident spread quickly, especially through social media. We briefly spoke with Steven Simon's brother Ricardo on the phone as he was rushing to the hospital.

"Well I spoke to my dad this morning from Haiti and asked if I knew my brother got into an accident."

Ricardo says he doesn't know exactly what happened. In his conversation with us, he talked about his brother, the young preacher. Pictures of Simon and his wife on the church's facebook page.

"He is a very loving person he's great and I'm sorry but it's hard to describe it, you will have to see it for yourself."

As family members head to the Fort Pierce Hospital, friends who know the preacher say he is a nice guy.

"I'm very shocked, I'm very shocked because a guy like Steven is not supposed to have problems like this now, because he is a very very good guy."

Nativa Innocent says the father of two wanted to be a preacher since he was a little boy. Instead of the preacher praying for his congregation, they are now praying for him.

"I hope every thing works out ok for him. And if somebody tried to kill him, I hope they catch that person."

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