St. Lucie County supervisor of elections, Gertrude Walker, to report changes to Secretary of State

FT. PIERCE, Fla. - St. Lucie county supervisor of elections, Gertrude Walker, is expected to make some changes to the elections office. Changes made will be highlighted in a report to the Secretary of State, Ken Detzner.

According to the TC Palm, Walker has not said what changes she will make, but a state audit of the office after the November elections suggested that her staff work with a larger county to improve multi-sheet ballot election procedures.

Establish checks and balances for multi- sheet ballots. Set up contingency plans for technical errors. Spell out ballot storage and movement duties.

Confirmed all ballots are uploaded before stored away and upload early ballots before election night.
Walker said this election cost more than the past two presidential elections combined.

She said $762,371.00 was spent this time around compared to the average $374,345.00. Walker said recounts, new voting equipment and the county's first multi card ballot is why she had to request an extra $300,000.00 dollars. 

Last week, Walker along with several other county supervisors testified in Tallahassee in front of Ethics and Elections committee leaders. The supervisors stressed what changes needed to happen in order for the next election process to run smoothly. Supervisors suggested more early voting days, additional polling locations and less wording for state constitutional amendments to be voted on.

Law makers are expected to consider the recommendations when the session resumes in March.

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