St. Lucie County officials say fountain off at Dreamland Park in Ft. Pierce due to vandalism

Fountain should be fixed by the weekend

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - It hasn't even been open for two months, but the interactive water fountain at Dreamland Park in Fort Pierce has quickly become a place where folks go to cool off.

On a day when the mercury just seemed to keep going higher and higher, the kids at Dreamland Park were at an all time low.

"We didn't know the fountains were broken," says one child.

"I'm very upset the water is not on. We came to have fun and can't," says another youngster.

St. Lucie County parks and recreation officials had to break the bad news to folks with a simple sign: "Fountain closed due to vandalism."

"In the last 30 minutes, two dozen families walked away with sad faces," says Erick Gill, the public information officer for St. Lucie County.

What makes everyone even more sad is the fact that St. Lucie County park officials say vandals are to blame for turning off the H2O.

8-year-old Mallory Hendrickson can hardly keep her cool about the whole issue.

"I'm mad at this park, but I know it's not their fault," she says.

The park's shower is now the next best thing for the youngsters who are just dreaming of the day when the fountain fun is back on.

The entire project cost about $300,000 dollars, but the good news is repairs are only expected to be a couple hundred dollars and should be fixed by the weekend. In the meantime, if you have any information about the vandalism, you are urged to call St. Lucie County Department of Parks & Recreation at 772-462-1522.

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