Historic Flooding: Ft. Pierce flooding forces residents to boat home

Ft. Pierce flooding forces residents to boat home

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - On Sweetwater Drive, residents say they have to boat to their houses because of flooding.

For William Bradshaw and his wife Carole, it feels like deja vu. Exactly four years ago on this date, they first flooded with Tropical Storm Fay.

"For four years we've been dealing with this," explained a frustrated Carole.

Cristina Noya said she feels like a hostage in her own home. Her husband has a heart condition, but she says if he has an incident any time soon, the water would slow down emergency crews.

"This is just very frustrating," said Noya. "Fire trucks can't come in, ambulances can't come in if there's something going on."

The Bradshaw's garage is also underwater, and Carole said since it's flooded so often before, they knew to elevate their belongings.

"This is the fourth time in several years that this has happened. I'd just like to have somebody with some power somewhere help us," she said.

District 4 County Commissioner Frannie Hutchison came by the neighborhood, and she looked at the water current.

"This area in Fort Pierce is notorious for flooding, but I didn't realize what was causing it," said Hutchison.

Hutchison acknowledged there was damage to the berm on the bridge near 25th Street, which is connected to Sweetwater Drive.

"We are hoping a repair to the broken water block will stop at least one source of this area's flooding," said Hutchison.

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