Pot, cash, guns seized at Ft. Pierce home

8 arrested

FORT PIERCE — Fort Pierce police arrested eight people over the weekend after investigators heard gunfire coming from a home and found more than a pound of marijuana and a stolen gun, according to affidavits obtained Tuesday.

About 15 adults and two juveniles were hiding in the home in the 800 block of North 20th Street when police went inside.

The case began Saturday night when police heard apparent gunfire coming from the residence. Officers saw several people in the doorway and on the home's south side and also saw muzzle flashes.

No one would answer the door for several minutes, though investigators heard movement inside. Cartridge casings from .45 caliber ammunition turned up in the back and south side yard and the front door was partly open.

Inside, police found about 15 adults and two juveniles hiding behind furniture and in bedrooms.

One of the residents, Edwardca Clark, 20, let police search the home, and investigators found about 1.3 pounds of marijuana, a digital scale, sandwich bags and four handguns, one of which was reported stolen out of Miami.

No one would confirm ownership of the guns or marijuana.

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