Peter Green: 'Deadly accident wasn't Christian Medina's fault'

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - One passenger of the car that crashed, killing 16-year-old driver, Christian Medina, says a Florida Highway Patrol report blaming Medina for the accident doesn't tell the whole story.

"I'm angry. Really angry," Peter Green said.

Friday, 15-year-old Peter Green said another driver caused Medina to swerve off the road and crash into a utility pole. Green is concerned that only Medina is being blamed for the crash.

Medina picked up Green and his brother Timothy Green from their house to take to school the morning of October 23.

Shortly after they left, Peter says another driver started distracting Medina.

"On midway road, it was the first time we saw him flash his lights behind us," Green said.

The driver was another student at their school, according to Green.

Green says the other driver continued to follow them closely, eventually disappeared, but caught back up to them near Orange Avenue.

"On Orange, he comes up behind us again and flashes his lights," Green described.

"We stopped at Hartman. The light turns green. He passes us and swerves close in front of us," Green continued.

Green says the other driver continued to drive erratically as they drove down Orange Avenue, alarming everyone in the car.
"We were like what are you doing? Like, why is he doing this? Every time we turn into a lane to get out of his way he just keeps following us."

Green said the other driver ultimately pulled in front of them but stepped on the brakes. "Christian just panicked and just spun the wheel," Green said.

The Florida Highway Patrol report says that Christian was trying to prevent the other driver, however, from passing him.

The report states "[Medina's] actions and attitude were caused by his aggressive actions while attempting to prohibit [the other driver] from passing his vehicle."

The FHP says even if the other driver was a distraction, they did not determine he actually caused the crash.

"If he hadn't cut in front of us, we would have kept going in the left lane to 25th to school," Green said.

Though he's angry, Green says he's also determined to defend his friend.

"We can just get the truth out there. I mean, that's all we can do now."

The State Attorney's Office will not be filing criminal charges against the other driver.

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