Pastor hopes to make a difference in Fort Pierce

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Walter Barron walks around Fort Pierce a lot.

"We go blocks and blocks and blocks," says Pastor Barron.

He's a pastor at the Neighborhood Bibleway Revival Center on North 13th Street.  He and his church members pick up trash in the area. They call it "boots on the ground."

"If you clean up the area you're living in criminals have less of a hold," says Pastor Barron.

He's also cleaning up the streets in another way.

"I love Fort Pierce," says Pastor Barron, "I love Lincoln Park and we're trying to make sure we put our money where our mouth is."

Pastor Barron has been working for years on plans to build a new church. Construction began in January and the new church is expected to be finished in a month.

"Being done right here on 13th Street in the Lincoln Park what they call the ghetto area," says Pastor Barron.

They've spent $1.5 million to not only build the church but also to buy about a dozen rundown properties and houses between Avenues D and E.  It's an area known for violent crime and drugs. Pastor Barron says that's exactly why he's here.

"If you're gonna' make a difference you gotta' make a difference where a difference is needed," says Pastor Barron.

He's not finished yet. The church plans to buy more properties in the area using donations and bond money. It's all part of his dream

"We're gonna' have businesses in this area and we're not gonna' stop 'til we get it done," says Pastor Barron. 

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