Mother of special needs teen claims daughter was sexually assaulted at Westwood High School

Woman suing, says school neglected her child

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- A Treasure Coast mother who claims her special needs daughter was raped by another student at school spoke out for the first time Monday to discuss why she is suing the St. Lucie County School District.

The alleged victim's mother, who does not want to be identified to protect her adopted daughter, claims her teen girl was forced into sexual acts as teachers at Westwood High School turned a blind eye.

"How did it happen? Why did it happen? I was just dumb founded," said the alleged victim's mother.

According to the alleged victim's family, the special needs student was taken advantage of by another student on the grounds of Westwood High School multiple times with no teachers in sight.
"That's what made me feel so bad about it. I wasn't there to protect her knowing how vulnerable this child is, very vulnerable and she is very scared," said the alleged victim's mother.

The family claims they reached out to the school, the district and even the Florida Department of Child and Families. DCF's report indicates the campus officer deferred from filing criminal charges, referencing the situation as a "civil" matter.

Left without answers, the alleged victim's guardian said she was forced to sue.

In the near two weeks since the LaBovick Law Firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of the student's mother, Westwood High School and the St. Lucie County School Board has yet to say anything about the allegations. A spokesperson told WPTV NewsChannel 5 the district does not comment on pending litigation.

"There's no doubt in my mind. It happened the way she told me it happened," said the victim's mother.

The alleged victim's family said teachers and the school neglected the teen girl and that is what lead to a boy allegedly raping someone.

"It's going to always be there. Stuff like this don't leave you. You're always going to put it there even if you put it in the back of your mind, it's always going to be there," said the alleged victim's mother.

The family hopes the lawsuit ensures what they claim happened, does not again.

The St. Lucie County School District has 30 days to respond from the September 18th date the complaint was filed.

A spokesperson said the legal process is moving along.

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