George Knoop: Missionary Flights International volunteer is murdered

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - "He definitely had a heart for people and a love for people especially in Haiti," said Brian Lites.  

Brian says his friend George Knoop was a changed man after a trip to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. "He felt that God had called him to move to Haiti for 10 years and even with some of his ailments that he had, physical conditions that he had he just had a pretty good attitude about being there and wanting to help the people."

Four years ago, Missionary Flights International needed someone in Haiti to sort through the mail for families and missionaries. George, a retired school teacher in Chicago, sold his personal belongings and volunteered for the job.

"His commitment to serve even just giving up everything that he could have here in the states and living down there and definitely with much more poverty and not being concerned about his own well being," said Brian.

According to his family, on Tuesday someone knocked on George's door at his home in Haiti. When he opened the door, he was reportedly stabbed multiple times. A laptop was stolen from the home. Family members say George was conscious enough to tell authorities he recognized the suspect. Unfortunately, he died at the hospital.

George's niece, Lee McAuliffe, says though his death was tragic, he was doing what he loved most. "He wasn't rich, he lived among the Haitians. He went there to be a servant to bring the good news of Jesus to them." 

Workers at the organization agree. Larry Campbell said, "Still it's a tragedy he will be missed by the mission community, a lot of friends in Haiti, he was an elder in the church there in Port Au Prince and did a lot of work with young people and discipleship."

George will be cremated and his remains will be brought to Fort Pierce. A memorial will be held for George on Wednesday in Haiti.

The murder is under investigation.

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