Linda Hudson declared winner in Ft. Pierce mayoral race

Hudson won by a 45-vote margin

UPDATE: Linda Hudson has been declared the winner in the Ft. Pierce mayoral race. Hudson received 6902, or 50.16 percent of the votes. Vince Gaskin, her opponent, received 6857 or 49.84 percent of the votes.


The 45-vote different represents a margin of .32 percent, too small to trigger Florida's automatic recount. Florida's election law has an automatic recount trigger if the margin is within 0.5 percent of the votes.


The St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections said the vote will be certified on Monday. ----------------------------------------


The mayoral recount continues in Fort Pierce at the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Office. It began with a canvassing board meeting at 7 Wednesday morning. The group is currently breaking for lunch.


The ballots from precincts 1-40 have been sorted and counted, according to canvassing board member and county commissioner Tod Mowery. Precincts 1-40 are the 15 Fort Pierce-based precincts. The Supervisor of Elections office is not currently releasing the results. 


Canvassing board member and Chief Deputy Court Administrator Marc Traum says two precincts had discrepancies, compared to the initial count. Traum said one precinct had a five-vote discrepancy. He didn't know the other. 


Traum says the canvassing board is waiting to decide how to proceed with the discrepancies. In the end, if the discrepancy is .25%, Traum says a state statute will require a hand count. 


Mowery says precincts 41-94 are in the process of being counted. Those are not Fort Pierce-based; however, they may contain ballots with Fort Pierce mayoral votes, he says. That's because early voters were allowed to drop off ballots anywhere in the county. 

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