Lincoln Park Academy react to crash that left three other students seriously injured

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Students at Lincoln Park Academy described a somber mood at school Wednesday after learning three other students were seriously injured in a car accident Wednesday morning.

If students didn't see the crash driving to school, they heard about it not long after the first bell.

"There were rumors going around about what happened to each kid, but no one really knew what happened," said Freshman Summer Pace.

Pace says the three teens injured, 15- year-old Timothy Green, 15-year-old Peter Green, and 16-year old Christian Medina, are Lincoln Park Academy baseball players.

Pace says they are well liked around school.

"Everybody, the whole school was silent. Nobody was talking, everybody was just completely silent," Pace said.

School staff put crisis teams in place to help students grasp what happened during school.

"There were maybe ten people from each class that were going to talk to the counselors and stuff," said Pace.

Students were also sent home with a letter for their parents, explaining what happened.

Parents who already worry about their kids getting behind the wheel, like Summer Pace's mother. "I'm in no hurry for her to drive for one, and I don't want her getting into vehicles with other kids," said Tina Van Camp.

After the accident, Van Camp says she's more comfortable taking her daughter to and from school.

Parents are being asked to be watchful of their students for any added stress or emotion as a result of the accident.


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