Lewd acts at a public park land five men in jail

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Adela Lopez frequently takes her two children to White City Park in Fort Pierce.

"They love walking. Playing on the swing, I mean, everything," she said.

She was shocked to hear the park became a site for a St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office undercover sting, targeting men who conduct lewd acts there.

"It's supposed to be for family, kids, the playground is for kids. I love them and I don't want them to see any of that," she said.

Christine Richert said this is her first time to take her daughter to White City Park, and she says she can't believe how much public areas have changed since she was a little girl.

"This has gotta be the place that they know they're safe. Parks definitely need to be a safe place for the kids to play," she said. "You can't even have fun with your kids without worrying about them being safe or being exposed to things you would never expose them to at your home."

Five Treasure Coast men were arrested Thursday afternoon, after officers say they committed various sex-related acts, one even in public. The men, all facing a misdemeanor charge of exposure of sexual organs, are Troy McPherson, 50, and Pablo Ramudo, 67, both of Fort Pierce; and John R. Robichaud, 54, Gerard Alan Mendes, 45, and Robert K. Munson, 68, of Port St. Lucie.

Lopez said if she had known about the sting, she wouldn't have even come today.

"Not safe," she said. "Maybe I have to think again about coming here with the kids."

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