Jensen Beach charity forced to find new home

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - Pastor Jerry Herald of the Bridge Christian Outreach says all of his ministry's items have been dumped into storage, because the landlord of their previous food pantry said he didn't want, "those people" around.

Those people refer to the more than 200 families who come for help.

Herald says he understands from a business standpoint that the landlord has the right to choose tenants, and he plans to somehow find another place for the ministry.

"Something that upsets me is when people refer to another group of people as ‘those people.' And they fail to see that those people live on their street. Those people are indeed their neighbors," Herald explained.

Herald credits his wife Evelyn for being his most important helper in his outreach efforts.

Jensen Beach Bowl offered its parking lot as a temporary spot for the Saturday morning food pantry, so the ministry will be out bright and early in the morning to serve the families.

If you can volunteer, or wish to donate, you can contact Herald by email at .

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