Good Samaritans helped rescue two fishermen clinging to their overturned boat on Monday

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - The right place at the right time.  That's what the crew of a fishing boat says about rescuing two local men who spent a long and terrifying night clinging to an overturned boat.  The Good Samaritans spoke exclusively to WPTV.

Video from the U.S.Coast Guard shows Justyn Bradley and Cory Bowman of Tequesta sitting atop their boat which overturned after a rogue wave hit it knocking the two men in the water. They left the Jupiter Inlet to go fishing on Sunday but never returned home. They were found by the U.S. Coast Guard about 12 miles off the coast of Fort Pierce, near the charter fishing vessel Last Mango.

"We noticed this big Coast Guard cargo plane start circling around us," says Jeff Moore, onboard the Last Mango.

The crew radioed the Coast Guard.

"They asked us if we could render assistance and we said sure and we started approaching the vessel," says Moore.

The Coast Guard dropped a smoke bomb in the water to help direct the Last Mango to the two fisherman who were in the water for about 16 hours.

"They were barely hanging on on top of the boat," says Moore.

"I threw the life ring to them and one jumped into the water, grabbed a hold, pulled him into the boat," says first mate Joey Mariano, "We had the door open in the back which allowed them to easily come in the boat."

After they were rescued, the crew gave the men some shirts and hot coffee.

"They're very happy saying 'thank you'," says Mariano.

"They were scared but happy that they were finally rescued," says Moore, "Of course they were soaking wet and their eyes were bloodshot from all the salt water."

The two men were picked up by the Coast Guard who said they had no injuries. The Last Mango went back to fishing even though they already had their catch of the day.

"We saved a couple lives today so I think that's better than fishing," says Moore.

Moore owns a restaurant in Jupiter called the Tabica Grill. Coincidentally, the two fishermen he helped rescue Monday ate at his restaurant the night before their boat trip. 

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