Fort Pierce resident says home flooded five times

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Danny Moore said he returned home from work Monday afternoon to find his home's floor was completely submerged under eight inches of water.

"This is the watermark here, above the finished floor," Danny said as he pointed to a spot on the wall. "That's where it was. The highest point today."

Some of his belongings on the floor were completely ruined.

He said the worst part is knowing the city tried to prevent something like this from happening.

Moore said there's a grate nearby that doesn't do its job of keeping the flooded areas properly drained.

"The grate and swell is eight-tenths of a foot higher than the finished floor in my house. That was done by a recognized surveyor in the county," Moore said.

He said he's had to deal with a flooded house five times since he first moved here in 1983-- and he wishes the grate would do its job.

"My house is flooded out by almost a foot of water before it actually gets to that swell," said Moore. "From where the debris is, it never got to the swell."

By the early evening on Monday, the front yard and inside the house were drained.

Moore is staying with a friend, and he said he does have insurance.

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