Fort Pierce police bringing in federal agencies to solve recent violent crimes

FBI, DEA and Homeland Security contacted

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- Fort Pierce Police Chief, Sean Baldwin says he's bringing in federal agencies, including the FBI, DEA and Homeland Security, to help crack some of the city's most recent violent crimes.

Baldwin says crime in the city has decreased by 60% over the last 15 years, but until it's all gone, he's looking for new ways to curve it.

Now, he's putting more eyes on specific crimes such as the double shooting in April that killed Brandon and Fabian Cash inside their Fort Pierce home.

"Take a look and make sure we're doing everything we possibly can to solve these cases," Baldwin said.

Baldwin says the federal agencies commonly help with investigations. But, he says this is the first time they're helping with the city's local homicides.

Baldwin says seven people have been shot and killed this year in Fort Pierce.

"We're losing too many of our youth," said Robert Cash, the grandfather of Fabian and Brandon.

Cash says too many people still live in fear. He has friends who sleep on the floor to avoid being accidentally shot through their windows.

"Your kids can't go any place, or you're afraid you won't see them when they leave," Cash said.

Cash says he is glad to see more people trying to find out who killed his grandsons, and solve other cases that leave the community feeling uneasy.

"The more you get on the case, the better," Cash said.

Baldwin says the Fort Pierce Police Department has also applied for $1.6 million worth of grants for programs and resources to tackle gang violence.

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