Fort Pierce man finds car peppered with bullets

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - You think it's safe to park your car at home, but a Fort Pierce man says his SUV that sits right beside his house was peppered with bullets.

Miguel Hernandez said around midnight Saturday, he heard shots fired close by, so he went outside. He saw multiple bullet holes in the side of his vehicle, and one window had been completely shot out.

Hernandez said he's grateful nobody was inside at the time, because if people had been inside the vehicle, the results could have been fatal.

"About head height," said Hernandez, about the bullet holes. "So if my kid had been in this truck, he would have had his head shot, he would have been dead that night. And my other child, he sits about where that bullet hole is, both of them would have been killed."

Fort Pierce police said they believe the crime was committed by a group of juvenile males.

Once they make any arrests, the suspects will be charged with damage to property and firing a weapon into a vehicle.

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