Fort Pierce Little League wins State Championship

First title for Fort Pierce since 1962

A team of local youngsters making history on the baseball diamond. But they don't have much time to revel in their success.


On Gina Wagner's front porch, four Fort Pierce little leaguers look out at Tuesday's torrential downpours.


Just an hour earlier, these nine and ten year-old All-Stars were doing what they do best out on the field.


On Sunday, they were the best, winning the Florida State Little League Championship.


"They came together the first day of practice even though they had been playing against each other all year," said Coach Curtis Boyd.


"I'm just glad to be on this team, we've come so far," added pitcher Stel Gately. 


It had been 52 years since any team in Fort Pierce could declare themselves State Champions. But there's little time to celebrate.


While older little leaguers get to play in Williamsport, this is the first year that a 9 and 10 year-old regional championship is being played.


It's in North Carolina this weekend. For these kids, baseball is more than a summertime diversion.


"Because it helps me stay out of trouble a lot," said outfielder Zack Estep.


Zack moved here from Kentucky and his house has become a home away from home for his baseball buddies.


"I have so many kids at my house sometimes in the morning that I have to have my friend come in her minivan to chauffeur the bat bags to the field," said Gina Wagner.


"The five nights a week they are here, if the kids aren't playing, they're at the baseball field. Off the streets, doing something really good in the community," said Courtney Purnell with the Fort Pierce Little League.


The team is hoping to raise some money to defray some of their travel costs.  If you want to help, click here .



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