Fort Pierce Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant concerned about chicken breast theft

Police say man stole breast from buffet

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- An employee of a Fort Pierce Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant called police Sunday night to report the theft of a chicken breast from the buffet line.

At around 4:25 p.m., the assistant manager of the KFC said he spoke with a customer, described as a middle-aged man, about a specific menu item that their store did not sell.

The man proceeded to linger around the buffet line and began to use his cell phone while other restaurant-goers continued to pick up their food, according to an incident report.

Minutes later, the employee said he witnessed the man grab a piece of chicken, possibly a breast, and exit the store in a red Ford pick-up truck.

The manager wrote down the license tag number and called police.

The worker told police he is concerned that a chicken breast thief will strike again at another KFC buffet.

Police found no cause for arrest at this time.

The chicken breast was worth $2.99, according to the report.

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