Fort Pierce fire rescue crews to receive police escorts after shots fired at emergency vehicles

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Fort Pierce police will escort fire crews when they head to emergencies in some neighborhoods after bullet holes were discovered in a fire truck and a rescue unit.

Police say the incidents happened Tuesday night around 8, when rescue crews were responding to a call in the 3100 block of Ave E.

While police say the shots could have been fired by accident, they are taking the matter very seriously.

"If it was accidental, if people were shooting their guns, they need to stop the shooting because what goes up must come down. Somebody could really get hurt or killed. If it's somebody who intentionally fired those shots again we take that extremely seriously and will not tolerate that type of activity," said Fort Pierce Deputy Chief Greg Kirk.

Deputy Chief Kirk says responding with officers on fire calls will not slow down the department.

He also says anyone caught shooting their gun within the city limits could face jail time because it is illegal.

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