Fort Pierce family mourns loss of once famous show horse Stuart

Shot through the lung while grazing

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Anne Waters' ordeal started late Wednesday night, when a phone call delivered horrifying news; Stuart, her horse, was dead.

"We went out there to investigate it. We initially thought that he must've been bit by a snake, because brush was recently cleared from the area," said Waters of Fort Pierce.

Anne's boss, Dr. Adams, a local vet, soon discovered the chilling truth. "He wasn't bit by a snake...he was actually shot in the chest. How can someone do that? He was a family pet. Not just a horse," said Waters.

In fact, Stuart was much more than "just a horse." Once known as "He's Obsessed," the celebrated steed had a world-wide following.

"He was a world renowned show horse, and was all over famous horse magazines all over the world," said Stuart's former owner, and Waters' friend, Georgianna Crump.

At the time of the shooting Stuart was grazing just feet from the road. "Whoever did it, they knew what they were doing. No doubt in my mind that it was an was maliciously done," said Waters.

Investigators are still searching for the bullet that took Stuart's life.

"They didn't just kill a horse, they killed a family pet, a member of the family. You just don't go up and do something like that. It's horrible. If you're willing to do that to an animal, who's to say they couldn't do that to a human being," said Waters.

The incident is currently under investigation, and Waters hopes that the shooter is brought to justice.

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