Firefighters reach the National Navy SEALS Museum after bicycling for 18 days from New York

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Followed by an entourage of bicyclists, the New York City firemen, who rode all the way from New York City, finally reached their destination at the National Navy SEALS Museum in Fort Pierce.

"It's been an incredible journey, all the people that we met along the way, all the support,” said Louis Strandberg, a firefighter with the New York Fire Department.

Support came from residents like Richard and Jan Boggiatto.

The couple not only came to cheer on the firefighters, but wanted to see the piece of history they were escorting along the way.

A 14 foot long metal beam from the rubble of the World Trade Center that will now be displayed at the museum.

Jan Boggiatto said, "Gives you the chills to think what our country went through with 9/11."

"It has to be a very personable thing for them, having come from that area in New York and what they went through,” said Richard Boggiatto.

Rick Kaiser with the National Navy SEALS Museum said the Navy and the NYC Fire Department have a strong connection.

"This beam will just help solidify that bond and it will give people a chance to see something from New York that will bring reality closer to home,” said Kaiser.

Where future generations can appreciate.

"For our children and everyone to come down to see, I guess it leaves you without anything to say other than its amazing,” said Jan Boggiatto.

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