Fort Pierce fire injures two people, takes the lives of two dogs

FORT PIERCE — A Fort Pierce couple is in an Orlando hospital after fire destroyed their apartment overnight.

It happened at this home in the 500 block of South 32nd Street around 1 a.m.

One neighbor said she awoke to the sounds of a man screaming for help. She took a hammer and tried to break open a window but couldn't.

Firefighters found an elderly woman unconscious inside.

Authorities are not yet identifying the couple, but did say the woman was wheelchair bound, and that two dogs died in the fire.

Investigators say the started in the laundry room but they haven't figured out yet what triggered it.

What they did find was a disconnected smoke detector.

"These are life saving devices.  These are devices that sound an alert in these circumstances so that occupants will have the time to get up and get out," said St. Lucie County Fire District Deputy Chief Buddy Emerson.

Deputy chief Emerson says in the coming weeks, the fire district is going to sponsor a smoke detector giveaway, where firefighters will help install more than 3-thousand units.


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