Custody hearing for Fort Pierce toddler orphaned in double murder-suicide

The little girl lost both parents

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - The lone survivor of a double murder suicide in Fort Pierce is at the center of a custody battle. Tuesday, the fate of the little girl, who is now an orphan, was discussed in court. The 3-year-old girl lost both her parents Friday night. Her mother was shot and killed. Police say her father did it, and then killed himself. Now it is up in the air who will raise her.

Police in Fort Pierce say the girl's father, 25-year-old Christopher Covington, shot and killed his girlfriend, Stephanie Carrier, who was 22 years old and six months pregnant, along with the little girl's grandmother, Robin Carrier, who was 48, at their home on Quincy Avenue Friday night before killing himself.

The Florida Department of Children and Families placed the girl with Covington's mother this weekend. The judge ruled Tuesday that she'll stay there until a decision is made about her placement.

Stephanie Carrier's family is very upset, saying the girl should be with her mother's family. Carrier's great aunt was hoping to take the little girl home Tuesday.

"We're very disappointed with the ruling today," said Lance Richard, the attorney for Carrier's family. "The mother's family really thought that there would be a different outcome."

The judge ordered DCF to conduct a home study at the great aunt's house before the next court hearing on May 3.

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