City trying to rebound from week of violence

16 year old latest victim

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - As police look into the Sunday night shooting of a high school sophomore, the city of Fort Pierce uses its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Grand Parade to highlight positives in the community.

Often it's the criminal cases that get the headlines, but it's the groups that work tirelessly behind the scenes trying to erase that history who need, and want, more attention.

Out on the parade route, there is evidence of lots of activities for children to get involved in.

Parents like Loukerson Jean says it all starts in the home.

 "We got to teach them, they got to learn, they got to go to school.  From then on, things will happen for them," said Loukerson.

And while the parade sirens don't signal trouble, the hope is to see them less frequently out in the city neighborhoods.


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