Brandon Cash and Fabian Cash: Family talks about brothers killed in double shooting

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- Fort Pierce Police continued to work Friday to identify any suspects for the murder of two Fort Pierce brothers.

18-year-old Brandon Cash and his 21-year-old brother, Fabian, were shot and killed inside of their home Thursday afternoon near Ave. E and 22nd street.

Neighbor Gladys Campbell sat outside her home Friday morning, reading the bible and keeping an eye on the street. “You have to be watchful all the time,” Campbell said.

Campbell said she, too, has lost a son to gun violence in Fort Pierce. When she heard about the death of her neighbors, she says she could only sympathize with their family. “I wanted to cry with them, too,” Campbell said.

The boys’ Aunt, Tysie Paige said the boys were inseparable. “They’re at peace. Since they left together, I think they’re at peace,” Paige said.

She says she played a role in raising they boys when they were young. She said both boys were raised in the church. Fabian loved music and played basketball. Brandon loved football and sang in chorus.

Paige says Brandon was saving his money to go to a college in Texas. In his last Facebook post, Brandon talked about wanting to leave Fort Pierce for Texas.  “The dreams just shattered. The dreams just shattered,” Paige said.

Now, their Grandfather, Robert Cash, is calling on the community to help stop gun violence, “because sooner or later, it will be at your door,” Robert said.

Robert is a minister, and says he works frequently in the community to promote anti-violence. Now, he’s disappointed his family had to be impacted by gun-violence.

Robert says the loss of his grandsons only fuels his motivation to keep other families from feeling their grief.

Meanwhile, Campell is also hoping no one else in her neighborhood has to lose a loved one like she has, too. “I don’t think I ever will get over it,” Campbell said.


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