Bikers urge drivers to be cautious following deadly hit and run accidents

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- Bicyclists are urging drivers to share the road following two deadly hit and run accidents that killed two bicyclists on the Treasure Coast this week.

Thursday, Clifford Schwartz may have had at least one major safety obstacle when he was hit near the intersection of 25th street and Orange Avenue.

There is no bike lane on 25th street, meaning he had to ride along the shoulder. Bicyclists say that makes it harder to stay out of the path of drivers.

That's not the only obstacle they say they deal with.

Bicyclist Kirk Wilsterman, with the Treasure Coast Cycling Association, says it's hard to hear drivers coming from behind.

Bicyclists are smaller and harder to see in the mix of other cars, especially during dusk and dawn.

State law requires drivers to keep at least a distance of three feet from bicyclists.

"It's pretty scary thinking we're out here, and in Florida, we have a lot of people out on the road, exercising, riding bikes, walking, running and I think a lot of the drivers aren't paying attention to their outdoor surroundings," Wilstermann said.

Wilstermann says he was also hit by a hit and run driver several years ago in Palm City. It took him 6 months to recover from serious injuries.

He credits wearing a helmet and bright colors to keeping him safe since the accident.

He also advises bicyclists to invest in blinkers and bike lights to make themselves as visible as possible.

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