Andrew Michael Gosciminski: Florida Supreme Court upholds penalty 2nd time around

TALLAHASSEE -- The Florida Supreme Court is upholding the death sentence of a former Fort Pierce assisted living center employee convicted of murdering a resident's daughter.

It marks the second time that the high court has considered the conviction and sentence of Andrew Michael Gosciminski.

Gosciminski met Joan Loughman through an assisted-living facility where he worked and her father was a patient. Prosecutors say Gosciminski had planned to steal $40,000 worth of jewelry.

Prosecutors say he attacked the Connecticut woman in September 2002 at her father's Fort Pierce home where he beat her, stabbed her and cut her throat.

The high court ruled in 2008 that some evidence during his 2005 trial had been improperly admitted. The Supreme Court ordered a new trial and Gosciminski was convicted and sentenced to death a second time.

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