Dayanna Gil: Family of hit-and-run victim hoping for change

Wants safer streets for future generations

Tricia Morales placed the first flowers at this growing memorial for her cousin Dayanna Gil.


"What we want is the community to come together to find a way to keep our children safe," said Morales from the crash site on Lucero Drive Wednesday.


It has been more than a week since 18 year-old Dyanna was hit, on a road that is more than a decade away from getting sidewalks.


"This is a long stretch of road, no stop signs and unfortunately people take advantage of that, which is exactly what I believed happened to Dyanna," said Morales.


Morales said the immediate family is overwhelmed with grief.


"We don't want to make it specifically about her. We want to make it about a community of families that the children are in harms way every time they step out of their doors," Morales added.


The woman police say was behind the wheel, Ivette Nieves-Barsuglia, is out on bond. Morales said at some point the family will make a statement about what happened.


"It's horrific for everyone involved. Yes the family is going through horrific times but for anybody who has a heart and anybody who's a parent, this affects them, " said Morales.


Morales says beyond stop signs and sidewalks, maybe the school district should look at pushing back the start time of schools when we spring forward each year so kids don't have to walk to the bus stops in the dark.


Funeral arrangements for Dyanna Gil have not yet been made.

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