Death penalty case against Eirise Tisdale building in shooting death of Sgt. Gary Morales

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Brian Morales is finally beginning to accept his younger brother's death.

" It's reality. My brother is gone ," said Morales. "It was like a nightmare, a bad dream. But now it's a month, and we're realizing it's not a dream."

St. Lucie County Sheriff's deputy Sgt. Gary Morales was shot and killed as he worked a traffic stop exactly one month ago.

"Trying to keep a smile on our face," said Morales, of the struggle. "Sometimes, there are certain days when it's hard to pretend that everything is fine."
Anyone that drives by the quiet neighborhood of Naylor Terrace can see a memorial, with flowers and candles, marking the spot where Sgt. Morales was gunned down.

A grand jury has indicted Eirise Tisdale for' first degree murder in Morales' death. Tisdale's scheduled to have a bond hearing Friday morning.

Brian was shocked to hear Tisdale pleaded not guilty.

"He did a cowardly act," said Brian, with tears in his eyes. "I would assume that he would man-up."

State Attorney Bruce Colton is seeking the death penalty against Tisdale. He believes there is more than sufficient evidence of first degree murder.

"We have a premeditated murder," said Colton. "That is one where a person forms the intent to commit the crime, and has some period of time, however brief, to reflect upon it and make the decision to go forward and commit the crime."

While  Morales appreciates the tremendous outpouring of support, nothing will ever bring back his younger brother, and he blames the man who investigators say pulled the trigger.

"It tears us apart ," Morales said. "We figured this time maybe he would do the right thing, but I can't understand it. I can't get into the mind of someone like that. And I guess this is why we have a justice system."

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