Man kills 69 year-old and wounds 7-year-old, co-workers stunned over suspected shooter's arrest

Apprehended after overnight manhunt

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Crime scene detectives were back out at 217 SW Kentwood Road Wednesday. 

Police say 24-year-old Brandon Hawkins shot at his girlfriend Jamie Young as she ran from the home Tuesday night, a bullet hitting her 7-year-old son in the abdomen.

"It's hard seeing a little boy on the ground, guy come out of the house like that," says neighbor Ann Jenkins.

Police say Hawkins then fatally shot 69-year-old Levi Williams in the head in an RV parked behind the home. 

He was picked up overnight at another girlfriend's home in Tradition.

"The only thing he had any remorse for was the shooting of the 7-year-old.  In reference to Mr. Williams and everything else he did, he felt was righteous," said Lt. Scott Beck with the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

At the Fort Pierce company where Hawkins was working the past two years, there's a sense of disbelief. They say that the person they're seeing on television isn't the Brandon Hawkins they know.

Desiree McPhie spent 40 hours a week with Hawkins, who took pictures for the company manuals put out by Phoenix Metal Products.

"He would talk about a lot with me but it was always very calm and never got angry, never got outraged," said McPhie.

McPhie said at the last company family event, Hawkins brought Jamie Young and her two kids.

"I never had a reason not for me to trust him so that's why it's still so very hard to process."

As to why the shootings happened, police say Hawkins was upset that Young had messed up a fast food order and that was just one reason he went to Young's home.  His primary reason though, according to police, was to settle a score with Young's brother who was not home at the time. 

Hawkins faces first degree murder charges and will make his first court appearance Thursday.

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