Chris Dzadovsky, St. Lucie County commissioner, arrested

 A St. Lucie County commissioner has been arrested and charged with the theft of a pool heater from a home.

Chris Dzadovsky faces one count of third degree grand theft.

The pool heater was taken from a home on South 10th Street in Ft. Pierce; a residence where Dzadovsky once lived with a woman he was engaged to.

That relationship ended in 2006 and the woman, Karen Bruno, passed away from cancer last December.

According to a police affidavit, Dzadovsky had asked the Realtor selling the home about buying the heater before the theft occurred last month.

According to a police report, Dzadovsky admitted he took the heater from the home to fix a leak. Investigators say a pool expert checked the recovered heater and there was no leak.

Dzadovsky's attorney Michael Kessler said it was an honest misunderstanding and he is sure it will be cleared up quickly.

A St. Lucie County spokesman says Dzadovsky will remain commissioner unless the governor takes action to remove him from office.

The spokesman said it's out of the county's hands because Dzadovsky was elected by the people and these charges don't reflect on his involvement with the county commission.

Dzadovsky was released on a 25-hundred dollar bond.

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