Chris Dzadovsky, St. Lucie Commissioner, suspended by Governor Rick Scott

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — County Commission Chairman Chris Dzadovsky was suspended Thursday by Gov. Rick Scott's office.

"I think the timing in an election year is interesting, to say the least," wrote Dzadovsky in a statement. "To suspend a commission chair for an issue that has nothing whatsoever to do with county business is unheard of and unprecedented. I know of only one case in which a Florida commissioner has been suspended by a governor, and that case was county-related.

"After all the work I have done for the residents of St. Lucie County, my constituents deserve better than political shenanigans from the governor. Furthermore, I find it disconcerting that the governor has apparent disregard for the Bill of Rights, which clearly states that every citizen is presumed innocent unless proven guilty. People concerned about their basic civil liberties, constitutionality and inalienable rights should be outraged.

"My re-election campaign will continue unchanged. In these times of economic hardship, where important decisions need to be made, the people I represent need the focus to be on them, not on the GOP trying to pick up a third County Commission seat."

Dzadovsky, 50, was arrested Monday on a felony charge after accusations he took a pool heater from the home of his deceased ex-fiancée, records state.

He surrendered Monday to authorities at the county jail on a third-degree grand theft charge after an investigation by Fort Pierce police and the State Attorney's Office. He was booked in the jail at 2:25 p.m. and released 21 minutes later on $2,500 bail, a sheriff's official said.

Dzadovsky won the District 1 seat in 2008 and is running for re-election.

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