Outpouring of support for victims of fire

HYPOLUXO, Fla. - Paul and Carol Allen of Hypoluxo lost their home to a fire last Saturday. The Red Cross was able to put them up in a nearby hotel for four nights. After that, they faced homelessness. But thanks to a surge of generous locals, the couple now has several options as to where they'll live next.

Carol Allen says, "People have come to the hotel and offered me envelopes of money. Or people have called the hotel and we can stay for another eight days."

The couple has also received offers from locals who are willing to give them a free place to stay.

The Allen's say they're not sure yet what they're doing next, but they may take up an offer from Mark Parrilla. Parrilla lives in Lake Worth, and offered his home to the two free of charge, until they can find somewhere affordable to live. Parrilla says, "There's no reason why anybody should have to go through something without knowing that there's somebody out there who cares enough to try and make a difference."

If you would like to help the Allen's, you can make donations through TD Bank. The account number for the Allen's is 4268023226. The name on the account is "Carol Allen Allen Family Fire Fund."

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