Paul and Carol Allen: Disabled couple in need of help, on the verge of homelessness

HYPOLUXO, Fla. - Paul and Carol Allen, a disabled couple from Hypoluxo, has one more night left of assistance from the Red Cross. They were supposed to be done with their assistance Tuesday morning, but the hotel manager at the Comfort Inn on Hypoluxo asked the Red Cross for one more night of help.

The couple now must find somewhere else to stay, after losing their mobile home to a fire Saturday night.

The couple was renting the home at the time, sharing it with two dogs and several birds. They say they didn't have renter's insurance, because they couldn't afford it.

Carol Allen says the couple was living on Paul's Social Security checks, which totaled only about eleven hundred dollars a month.

Carol says, "We've had to rely on agencies more than once just to pay the FPL bill."

A bank account has been set up in Carol Allen's name through TD Bank. She says right now what the couple needs most are "prayers and some help so that we can get back on our feet again."

The couple says they have no local family members who can help them out, and that the children they do have live in other states. They say their children are also living "paycheck to paycheck."

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