Who is monitoring sober homes?

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Jim Twitty of Delray Beach has strong feelings about what he says is a lack of regulation of sober homes.   

So he started an online petition.

"Sober people need to be protected especially in recovery,” he said.

Twitty says the town can't have a permanent temporary homeless population from people getting kicked out of their house.

But Nancy Stiner, a registered nurse running The Sanctuary, says that's simply not true. "Clients in recovery are protected by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). It is a disease and people have to understand that we're giving them opportunity to work if we don't do this they will die." 

Twitty says it takes more than the ADA. “You need DCF (Florida Department of Children & Families) involved, You need the state involved and regulating and certifying these places but you don't need the regulation so onerous that they're not gonna do it."

Stiner says the public’s perception of sober homes is bad because most aren't licensed

She created the Florida Association for Recovering Residents. It’s a place where sober homes can get certified.

"There are minimal standards that they do meet and they're inspected yearly,” Stiner says.