Waves attracting surfers, tourists in Delray Beach

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Drenching rains soaked Delray Beach Thursday as Hurricane Irene roared a couple hundred miles offshore. Waves pounded the sand, a welcomed sight for surfers who haven't seen this in months.

"I was really surprised, we were expecting a big wind chop, but when the winds calm down it's good for us. Nothing but clean swell out there," says surfer Jason Dauncey.

Experienced surfers were the only ones allowed in the water, red flags warn that the waves are too dangerous to swim.

Just a few miles south in Boca Raton, gusty winds ripped through a tree in Terry Boyle's backyard.

"All of a sudden I heard a thump. I opened my blinds and my tree had spilt apart and fell on my patio table," says Boyle.

Boyle's roof was spared, but she was surprised the outer bands of the hurricane could pack such a punch.

"My son and my husband will have their hands full later if it's not raining," says Boyle.

By mid-afternoon the sun came out, creating perfect conditions for some surfers.

"These are probably the best waves we've seen since November last year," says Dauncey.

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