Two drowning deaths investigated in Delray Beach, grief counselors at Orchard View Elementary School

Children drowned Friday

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Two children apparently drowned Friday in a pool in Delray Beach, according to the Delray Beach Police Department.

Police say they were called to an area near Linton Boulevard and Congress Avenue to search for two missing children.

They say several hours later a 6 and 10-year-old were found dead in a pool. They say the cause was an apparent drowning.

Police have not yet officially identified the children, but their families said they were Dairion Demesier, 6 and Jean Orilas, 10.


"He was playing one second, we turn our head and then we couldn't find him anywhere," said Dairion's aunt Claudia Jean.

Claudia says the family started searching when Dairion didn't come home. They also called the police. Jean's father came home early from work to look for him. 

"We knocked on every single door in the neighborhood, everyone knows him," said Jean.

"We were looking around everywhere, everywhere," said Jean's father Acelorme Orilas.

At 10pm Friday night Alcide Mareus found the boys in the pool behind his house, just a few blocks from where they live. Police were already searching nearby with the families. 

"I saw the little clothes by the pool I said oh God, what happened," said Mareus.

"That's when we found out they were together that day and found together that day, it was shocking a shock to everybody. They were both good kids," said Jean.

"I heard crying so I said where is that, I asked them how many kids are in the pool. They said two and I said, there's no doubt my son is in there too," said Orilas.

Claudia says her nephew didn't know how to swim. The Department of Children and Families opened an independent investigation over the weekend. 

The Palm Beach County School District confirms grief counselors were sent to Orchard View Elementary School.

It released the following statement Monday afternoon:

"It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of two of our students. Grieving Counselors will provide comfort and support to our students and staff. As we move forward during this time of loss, we ask all media outlets and members of our community to please respect the needs of the school. By working together, we can help both children and adults cope with this tragedy and loss of life." 
Police ask anyone with information to call them at 561-243-7832.