Tryone Soklaski charged with embezzling $11,000 from a Delray Beach company

Suspect accused of taking company accounts

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - A former employee of Magic Mobility is accused of making company funds disappear, according Delray Beach Police.

Tyrone Soklaski, according to an arrest report, worked for three years at Magic Mobility before he left to start his own company. 

The owner of Magic Mobility, which rents wheelchairs, says that over $11,000 was taken during the time Soklaski worked for him.

After Soklaski left the business in October, 2012 the company began to notice that payments were not coming in for the products that had been delivered the previous month, police say.

Investigators say that company files were missing and emails to the company had been deleted.

Police say Soklaski started his own company but made it appear that he was still with Magic Mobility.

Police say that when they confronted Soklaski he told them that, "I look guilty as hell, I look like I was trying to embezzle money."

Soklaski was arrested and charged with grand theft and organized scheme to defraud.