Swim teacher offers free classes to classmates of boys who drowned; they attended Orchard View Elem

Drowning investigation continues

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Melissa Taylor dedicates her time teaching kids how to swim. So she was heartbroken to learn two boys drowned in a neighbor's pool Friday.

The victims were identified as six-year-old Dairion Demesier and ten-year-old Jean Orilas

"My heart just sank into my stomach, this could've been prevented," said Taylor.

Melissa felt she had to do something to stop another tragedy. So, she is offering free swim lessons to any of the boys' classmates at Orchard View Elementary School in Delray Beach. 

"The very first thing is making sure they're comfortable with balance, breath control and buoyancy. Then the stroke, kicking, turning over and floating on their back," said Taylor.

"It's important to build upon skills you do have or don't have, so even if you know how to swim, constantly get practice and get better," said Anna Steward with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County.

"I can't imagine all the parents' grief right now, I have a six-year-old and I can't imagine her hearing this happened to one of her friends," said Taylor.

Melissa is also extending the offer to the boys' families, regardless of their age. She says her community has shown her kindness and she wants to give back.

"I recently was diagnosed with breast cancer and a lot of people have supported me, and I believe in paying it forward," said Taylor.

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