Stop signs to replace traffic light at two Atlantic Ave. intersections temporarily

Locals upset project will take a year to complete

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Locals traveling on four wheels, two wheels or on foot depend on Atlantic Avenue traffic lights for safety. In a matter of days stop signs will replace the lights where Venetian Drive and Gleason Street intersection with Atlantic Avenue.

"It's not a winning situation. With the lights at least you can control some of the people. But with a stop sign, it's going to be a mess," said Annie Brown, who works right on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Gleason St.

The Florida Department of Transportation says it's an emergency. The arms that hold up the lights are rusted and disintegrating, and won't last through the summer.

"We've got mast arms deteriorating, it's a safety issue especially with hurricane season coming up. They have to be removed, it's an emergency procedure," said Meredith Cruz, with FDOT.

"They didn't just rot this year, they must've rotten a long time ago, they should've been prepared," said Brown.

She wants to know why it's going to take a year to put in another permanent traffic light. We asked FDOT.

"There's a process for funding and materials, that takes time. So we have to put that together and finalize the design, that's why it takes more time," said Cruz.

Cruz says the state is working with the city to see if other safety measures can be put in place in the meantime. With a hit and run wreck near Venetian and Atlantic just last week, Brown says more needs to be done, not taken away.

"You have huge delivery trucks speeding through here, and they're not going to stop at a little stop sign," said Brown.

Crews will start taking the arms down Monday, the poles will remain. The stop signs will go up next week as well.