School supplies: Program helps to defray costs in the classroom

Teachers spend hundreds annually on class supplies

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - It's taken years for kindergarten teacher Kelly Mason to build up the arsenal of supplies in her classroom. She's paid for much of it. From the crayons in the baskets, to the books on the shelves, thousands of dollars came of out of her pocket. 

The National School Supply and Equipment Association reports teachers pay $485 of their own money every year to buy supplies.

That's why more teachers are turning to programs like Ms. Mason signed up for the first time last year and received a $600 donation. 

"Yes, it was great, I was pleasantly surprised. I got a big one and a small one, some this year and every little bit helps," said Mason.

She bought an art station with the money donated. She says the students paint and draw with it every day.

Mason's school, Banyan Creek Elementary, has a similar program for parents to donate. But allows anyone to donate.

"It just lightens the load a little bit. For some teachers it helps them plan better, and do the more creative activity because they can get the materials and not have to pay for it," said Wendy Kogod, a first grade teacher.

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