Residents worry about noise, pollution and traffic that could come with jet ski rentals

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Speeding down the Intracoastal is something Gayle Clark sees every day living on the water in Delray Beach.

"This boat can go fast and the jet skis go much faster around and around in here," said Clark.

She says you can't make it go away, but you can try to keep it from getting worse.

"People on jet skis like to speed and that in our village it's not the place for it," said Clark.

She and dozens of neighbors are strongly against a proposal to bring jet ski and wave runner rentals to the Atlantic Avenue bridge. 

M & CJ Management Company says it will enhance tourism. But last night the Planning and Zoning board voted not to recommend city approval.

"This is one of the most narrow sections of Intracoastal, it's dense and there's a lot of boat traffic," said Chris Davey, a member of the Planning and Zoning Board.

"It's just too close of an area and too congested, that's what is Dangerous too much traffic to add jet skis," said Sue Tauriello who works nearby. 

The company argues its water craft is safer, quieter and won't pollute the water. That' doesn't seem to be enough to get residents on board. 

"It's safety, crowded, congested, on the other side of the bridge there was a near miss the other day. A boat and jet ski almost collided, the boat didn't see the jet skier because of wakes," said Clark.

Although the Planning & Zoning board is not recommending the city's approval, the Community Redevelopment Agency and Downtown Development Authority support it.

The city commission will have the final say at a meeting next month. 

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