Political spotlight shining brightly on Palm Beach County

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - The political spotlight has been shining very brightly on South Florida and on Palm Beach County, in particular - and it is not over yet.  As most people were watching the debate unfold at Lynn University, barricades were being put into place at the Delray Beach Tennis Center, the location of a grassroots campaign event for President Barack Obama set for Tuesday morning.
On Monday night, though, all eyes were on the debate that was taking place just a few miles away.  Dozens of people gathered at the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum.  Those that gathered watched the debate focusing on foreign policy very closely to help make a more informed decision come election day. "We can share ideas.  We can share our thoughts, our reasons for why we think the way we do and that helps to create understanding among people," said Charlene Jones, who organized the watch party.
All of southern Palm Beach County seemed to be busy with presidential politics.  Mitt Romney and his team have been staying at the Marriott oceanfront hotel in Delray Beach, with many spectators lining the streets outside.  Local officials say having the candidates in town highlights this part of the south Florida.  "That's extremely important because it's creating dialogue and there's going to be people here agreeing or disagreeing with what everybody says and that's the great part of this process," said Tom Carney, Vice Mayor of Delray Beach.
Earlier Monday evening, there was much activity on Atlantic Avenue as Romney's motorcade made its way to and from the debate at Lynn University.  While he wasn't debating, Romney made time to hit the streets of Delray Beach.  Two nights in a row, Romney was said to have been craving a burger.  The former governor went out to feed that craving, much to the surprise of other diners at BurgerFi.
"A gentleman came by and asked us to give up our table because Mitt Romney was going to be there so of course we did," said Nathan Bussey, a Delray Beach resident.  "After, we invited him to just sit with us but he respectfully declined," he said.  Mr. Romney reportedly had a veggie burger, with no bun.

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