Police piece together the tragic deaths of the two children found in the canal and their mother

Police checking if Beauchamp responsible for all 3

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Two days after two children were found dead in a canal in Delray Beach, police now say their mother was killed months earlier.

Police are now checking to see if the same man, Clem Beauchamp, is responsible for all three deaths. They've already named him as the suspect in the deaths of the two children.

Even though relatives hadn't seen Felicia Brown for months, she was never reported missing. Now 6-year-old Ju'Tyra Allen, her 10-year-old brother Jermaine McNeil, and their mother, Felecia Brown, are all dead.

"I just cried and said how can somebody stuff a child in a duffel bag, and stuff my nephew in a suitcase?" said family member Margaret Gissome.

Police say that Clem Beauchamp is the only suspect in the deaths of the two children. Authorities searched his house Friday, and later said that he might be behind Brown's death. She was found in a West Palm Beach landfill in August, but was unidentified until Friday, when police realized her tattoos are the names of her children. Neighbors say they'd been asking about her.

"Over and over. Where is she. He told us she was in jail. If you're from the hood that we're from, that's what we respect." said neighbor Kenneth Marshall.

Ju'Tyra Allen's father said that he lost a custody battle to Felicia Brown when the Florida Department of Children and Familes decided he was an unfit father. He always suspected something was fishy about Beauchamp.

"I felt like she was in danger, but not to the extent where it would cost her her life," he said. "I feel like I wasn't there for her when she needed me the most."

He says she was outgoing, funny, and the perfect daughter.

"I pray that she's in a better place. That she's having as much fun there as she did here."

Police say three other children lived in the house with Beauchamp, and they are now in DCF custody. Beauchamp is in federal custody on unrelated weapons charges. Delray Beach Police say he won't be charged until Monday at the earliest.

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