Champs Charter Schools: Parents outraged that school closed on the first day of class

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Parents with children at Champs Charter Schools in Delray Beach and Riviera Beach were left scrambling on Monday when they learned the school abruptly closed.

"As a parent I just don't see how a school can open and close literally in the same day," Katy Saxe said.

Saxe's son was a second grader at Champ's Charter School in Delray.

She says on Monday morning, the principal thanked her for believing in the school.

Monday evening he brought home a note notifying the parents that the school would shutdown immediately.

"As a mom it is devastating to me because he was crying and upset he couldn't go back to the school," Saxe said.

The second grader Dustin Saxe was confused.

"I feel sad and mad that I don't get to go to that school. I made new friends and I liked my teacher," Dustin Saxe said.

Saxe's parents are upset school administrators didn't even attempt to call them.

The president of Champs Charter Schools says the school missed a deadline by minutes and was not able to get funding from the Palm Beach County School District.

He also said private investors backed out and there was not enough money to run the school.

Russo says 82 students were registered at the two schools.

He apologized for the inconvenience and says he thought it was better to "close now, rather than drag the process out."

Families suspect school leadership knew there were problems long before the first day of school.

"It just seems very weird that no one would know and the same day they opened, they closed," Robert Saxe said.

Dustin Saxe was able to enroll at his Boca Raton neighborhood school.

The president of the Champs Charter Schools says they don't plan to reopen.

Parents say they lost money because they had to buy school uniforms and supplies.