Only six days left in holiday shopping season

Customers in Delray Beach urge you to buy local

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -  With six days left before Christmas, shoppers are rushing to check off their gift lists.

Customers like Maureen Bower are opting to spend their money at mom and pop shops.

"I hope everyone buys local here. It's so important and they have been good to all of us. People ought to come downtown and see what it's all about. Not just go to the malls all the time," said Bowen.

Others are following her lead, and boosting sales at stores like Periwinkle in downtown Delray Beach.

"We just looked at our records and we're up 30% from last year. We've seen a huge influx of people coming in earlier because of the cold weather up north," said Carrie Delafield, owner of Periwinkle.

"After Thanksgiving, things in Delray really got busy. Sidewalks and parking lots are full, the street is busy," said David Cook, owner of Hand's Office Supply.

Special sales and free gift wrapping is available on Atlantic Avenue as even more incentive to shop local.

Delafield hopes a special deal aimed at helping dads will put her business even further into the black.

"We're having extended hours so people can come in and we're hosting "Dads and Donuts" so dads can bring their kids, give mom some free time to get things done while kids and dad are out," said Delafield.

Owners say those extended hours and extra staff will get them through the holiday rush they've been anticipating for weeks.

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