Gulfstream resident still ridiculing mayor on side of his home as meeting and hearing approach

Town says First Amendment rights not violated

Gulfstream, FL - A battle between a homeowner and the Town of Gulfstream is escalating.

After a hearing in Federal court over signs he put on his home trashing town leaders, he says he's out to prove that he has a right to say what he wants, where he wants.

Especially if it's on his home.

Ever since the town rejected Marty O'Boyle's plans to renovate his home saying it was too big, cartoons of stooges, donkeys, clowns and "tweedledees" and "tweedledums" on the outside of his multi-million dollar mansion have only multiplied.

"They need to be ridiculed, they need to be brought down a few notches, and I intend to do it," said O'Boyle.

The town threw the book at him. saying the signs violate town ordinance.

The gay pride flag on his garage didn't meet allowed colors for "Spanish Mediterranian homes."

The other signs and cartoons weren't given prior approval by a town board.

"It's very important to me to be able to do with my home that which I would like to," said O'Boyle.

Officials denied numerous requests to speak on camera, but Mayor Joan Orthwein, the subject of many of his political cartoons, said, "We want to preserve our quaint, little village. We really do want to find a happy medium."

Their attorney John Randolph said: "The town does not see this... as an abridgement of one's freedom of expression... Instead, it is about the right of government to impose reasonable, content-neutral regulation on the location of signs and its ability, through zoning code, to regulate esthetics."

O'Boyle says the only way he'd even consider taking the signs down if they let him renovate his home as he sees fit.

"They're infringing on my rights. I will fight them, and fight them, and fight them." A Federal court refused to rule on whether his first amendment rights were being violated until the town could hold its hearing next week.

But there is a meeting scheduled between O'Boyle and town officials this week to settle the matter.

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