New Delray Beach trolley takes the streets along Atlantic Avenue

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Joshua Marshall is spending much of his summer along Atlantic Avenue.

"Today I just got back from the library, headed down to the beach, and try and chill for a little bit," said Marshall.

But now he doesn't have to walk the length of the street.

"It's my very first time on a trolley, I'm pretty excited, waiting for it to come by now actually," said Marshall.

Monday, city officials unveiled 3 new trolleys that they hope will add to the atmosphere of the downtown's main avenue.

"You just know your in a different place, a more special place when your riding on them or when you see them," said Rich Reade.

They'll be bringing a new look and the plan is for the trolleys to bring more people to the avenue.

"Now you can just park somewhere maybe a little further out not deal with the parking issue and you can come downtown and enjoy everything around downtown," said Reade.

Diane Jeffers is a realtor at Coldwell Banker. She says the trolley will help drive traffic to her office on Atlantic.

"All our clients are looking for a way to get around and this will be such an improvement and such a great help and we're all excited about this," said Jeffers.

Marshall was impressed with his 20 minute ride from the beach to his house.

"It was epic, they have stuff on the trolley that I have never seen before," he said.

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