'Make A Burger, Make A Friend' event pairs culinary students with autistic teens

Juicy burgers brought dozens together Saturday afternoon as they chowed down for a good cause at Burger Fi.

Samantha and Lucy Krasker, organizers of Make a Burger, Make a Friend, paired Suncoast Culinary students with teens diagnosed with Autism.

"We want to teach people that people with autism, you can reach out to them and they're just like you and me," said Samantha Krasker.

The twins goal here is to break down barriers.

Lucy Krasker said,"Be able to communicate with people and celebrate their differences and to build friendships with people who might sit at the back of the classroom and might not participate."

Now sophomores, the Kraskers started the culinary group to give back to the community and they're doing it with the support of family and friends like Sam Gelfand.

Gelfand, who was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, spoke emotionally about being bullied as a teen.

"By running an event like this where we can get to increase awareness that means that's the people have the proper information which means more people will become friends rather than bullies," said Gelfand

Burger Fi and Autism Speaks will hold a national Make a Burger, Make a Friend event on November 9th.

Steve Lieber, brand ambassador with Burger Fi said,"The fact that they are making friends at burger fi just gives us a real purpose than just having great all natural hamburgers, this gives us another purpose."

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